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Name & Registered Office: Craven Self Storage Limited, Unit A1, Hopesay Hill Road, Craven Arms Business Park, Craven Arms, Shropshire SY7 8BW.   Company No. 08239487

Business Storage

Whether you're just starting up and looking for extra space to keep stock and equipment or you're an established business looking for flexible off-site storage, we offer a variety of storage solutions.




A choice of storage options

Whatever size space you need, we have the perfect storage options for you with a large selection that range from as small as a stationery cupboard  (40sq ft) up to as big as

a board room (146 sq ft).


Let us help you to work out what size you need. Visit our site in Craven Arms or use our space calculator on the


Business Storage Planner

When you're planning your removal and storage, here's a guide to making the whole process a little easier:

Document Storage

It's all too easy to get swamped by paperwork and files. On the one hand, you may be legally required to keep them for a certain time, but conversely, you don't need to look at them every day.

Perhaps you're relocating, expanding or downsizing - or just looking to turn the archive cupboard into an extra sales office.  So what do you do with your important files and documents?


Contact us today to discuss our dedicated document collection, retrieval and archiving service

Call: 01588 672833

or: 07918 136561

To arrange a viewing or to reserve a unit: