Business Storage Guide

Plan the amount you want to store and how you're going to utilise your storage area.

Add aditional space for an area to work in if you will use the space on a regular basis.

Pack your items in good quality, regular shaped storage boxes. Browse our PACKAGING STORE.

Label or number the boxes so that you can retrieve items later, creating a list on your computer and keeping several print outs in a safe place.

Protect your fragile goods with bubble wrap. Browse our PACKAGING STORE for bubble wrap.

Wrap table legs with bubble wrap before storing them and cover the edges when transporting. 
When storing, place heavy or bulky items in the room first to provide a good stacking base. Then place lighter goods on top.
Consider investing in shelving or racking to maximise your space.

Make the most of the room's height by stacking regular boxes on top of each other with their label or number clearly visible.

Dismantle flat-pack furniture and desks.

Secure and protect fragile goods from scratches or breakage with shrink-wrap or dust sheets during transportation and storage.

Wrap pictures and mirrors in bubble wrap, and then stack them on their end in boxes marked 'fragile'. 

Cover your stored goods to the top with dust sheets.

Visit and inspect your storage unit on a regular basis to ensure everything remains in good condition.

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