Small Storage Unit

About the size of the average garden shed or the capacity of a ford transit type van. With wide single door access.

£80.00 per month inc. VAT 
Equivalent to £18.46 per week

> Invoicing is monthly in advance (Weekly rate x 52 /12)
> Terms and Conditions apply
> Sizes are approximate



Craven Self Storage 
Unit A1, Hopesay Hill Road
Craven Arms Business Park, Craven Arms, SY7 8BW

We are on the business park near to the Craven Arms Household Recycling Centre, look for our signs.

Phone: 01588 672833 

Working Hours 

Office Hours:
The site is remotly managed
Call us and we will be glad to meet you on site at a time to suit you.

Customers access:
24hrs - Every Day (365 days)

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