Removals & Storage Guide

Pack your possessions in good quality, regular shaped storage boxes. 

Choose the right box. Fill it to capacity but don't overfill it.
Don't force items into large boxes as they may become too heavy and liable to collapse.

Pack heavy items in small boxes, so that they're easy to lift. Mark as 'heavy'.

Label or number the boxes so that you can easily retrieve specific items later. 
Make a list of what's in which box on your computer and keep several printouts in a safe place.

Protect your fragile goods with bubble wrap or foam peanuts. 
When boxing up china and glass, wrap in tissue paper, bubble wrap or newspaper before packing into boxes.   
Clean your garden equipment before storing it, and remove the grass from the lawn mower, sort through that collection of wood and only bring essential pieces.
Wrap table and chair legs in bubble wrap, and cover the edges before transporting and storing.   
When storing clothes, use your own suitcases or boxes to keep clothes from creasing. 
Plan your storage beforehand. Store heavy or bulky items in your storage room first to provide a solid stacking base, and then place lighter goods on top. 

When picking up items, keep your back straight and bend your knees. If stacking items high, use a ladder and get some help with holding the ladder steady and handing items up for storage.
Dismantle flat-pack furniture, e.g. beds and stack flat against the walls.

Do not place heavy items on sofas or mattresses, as this will put pressure on the springs.  
Make the most of the room's height by stacking regular boxes on top of each other with the contents or box number clearly visible.

Place items you need to use frequently nearer the door, e.g. clothes, electrical items, files etc. 

Cover loose curtains, cushions and soft furnishings with plastic sheeting. 

Stack armchairs and chairs seat to seat and cover with dust sheets or paper to protect them.

Secure and protect white goods from scratches with shrink-wrap or dust sheets during transportation and storage.

Empty and clean refrigerators and freezers, and leave doors open during storage.

Wrap pictures and mirrors with bubble wrap before stacking them on their end in boxes marked 'Fragile'.

Once everything is in the store room, cover the top of your goods with dust sheets.

Visit and inspect your storage unit on a regular basis to ensure everything remains in good condition.

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